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Friday, July 14, 2006

OPP not playing nice

UPDATE: It appears that a power failure was the real reason the website went down... the timing, however, made it look like it was taken down. It is back up, though the OPPA is still looking into options to have it taken down.

As such, the original post below has been retracted.

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Normally, I'm a big advocate of the OPP. But the OPPA, the officer's union, has served the owners of Caledonia Wake-Up Call a court order to shut down their website by 5:00pm today. And as of now, they are offline.

Seems a little heavy handed, if you ask me. Sure, I was getting annoyed by the daily e-mails from the website, (which I don't ever remember signing up for) but many people in Ontario are demanding answers to what is going on in Caledonia, and we're not getting any from the OPP, the media, or the Ontario government.

The website was reporting on, and asking questions about, the lack of action by the OPP in Caledonia. There were some pics of officers, and demands that disiplinary action be taken against certian officers for allowing crimes to be committed by protesters, because they refused to step in and intervene.

Humm, they used a court order to shut it down... meanwhile, they refuse to enforce a court order to remove the barricades.

Selective enforcement. Not cool guys, not cool.

h/t SDA


  • At Fri. Jul. 14, 07:36:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Indians get a free pass to beat people, vandalize, steal, trespass... etc. etc.

    The 'justice system' is for 'just us' - it doesn't cover criminals anymore.

    It's too hard for our Liberals to enforce the Law equally for everyone because liberals automatically pre-judge people according to race, colour or creed. So they just won't enforce it, that's all.

    Buy a gun.


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