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Monday, July 17, 2006

UPDATE: OPPA and Caledonia Website

As a followup, and clarification, of my earlier post, it turns out that the Caledonia Wake-Up Call website went down last Friday NOT because of a court order from the OPPA, but because of a power failure at his webhost.
Why then did the Site go Down?

Well... the insurance companies would call it an Act of God.

It appears that just after 6pm our time BlueHost, which is located in the Western US, had power failure. The hydro crews were working on the problem and took almost 3 hrs to solve the problem. I have several sites through BlueHost and this was the only one I have that went down. Their battery back-up system covered most of their clients but a few, like our Caledonia site, went offline.
What do they say? "Timing is everything"? The OPPA is still looking to shut the site down, but discussions apparently are ongoing. I am still troubled about the lack of enforcement of basic laws down there, but my comment about "selective enforcement" was incorrect... I withdraw it.


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