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Friday, December 09, 2005

My musings in Garth's comments

This is a repost of some thoughts I had while commenting on Garth's blog...

Attack, attack, attack, that's all everyone seems to want to do... let's talk POLICY.

Liberal Childcare plan is bad because it ONLY supports institutional day care, and does not allow for parents to make their own choices. (Ironic that most liberals are pro-choice about having kids, but then anti-choice once you have them...) I am against the idea of the "state" raising my kids.

HANDGUNS - more coming...

Anyone care to comment negatively on Harper's seniors announcment? What could possbily be bad about allowing seniors keeping more money? I heard one person try to decry it by saying that many seniors are below the income level that this announcement will help, so it's worthless... oh yea, Harper also pledged to raise the Income Suplement for these low income seniors... anyone else care to try?

And one question for any Liberals here... how can you possibly support a party that has been PROVEN to have commited theft? You can try and come up with any sort of justification you want, but theft is theft... most people, when caught, are forced to repay the money, and they STILL end up going to jail. You want to talk about JUSTICE in this country? END THE HYPOCRICY AND START FROM THE TOP. You can't say that you can plug your nose and still vote Liberal... there can be no possible justification for it, none at all. It's not possible. That only happens in dictatorships where the people are oppressed and have no choice.

But Canada is an interesting place... the only CIVILIZED nation that will WILLINGLY SUBJECT ITSELF to a corrupt regime.

Come on Canada... THINK!!!


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