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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Liberals stand up for our soverignty

Report from my CCC Newsdesk...

Dec. 25, 2005 - Ottawa - Prime Minister Paul Martin, in an effort to show that the government can indeed protect our soverign borders, ordered that an unidentified aircraft be shot down in Canada's far north. In a statement, the government said "Early Sunday morning, NORAD detected an unidentified craft entering our airspace. After repeated efforts to communicate with the unauthorized craft, I ordered our CF-18's to shoot the intruder down. We, the Liberal Party of Canada, can and will stand up for our borders."

In other news, millions of children awoke this morning to find that no presents had been left for them under the tree. Parents and officials have been left dumbfounded, trying to calm devastated children throughout North America...

(for those who haven't figured it out, I'm just kidding...)


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