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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Campaign review to this point

A friend of mine on his web forum was asking about the "winds of change" that he seems to be sensing out there right now. For sure... the winds are indeed blowing, and picking up.

More and more reports are coming out saying just that. The Conservatives have run a GREAT first 1/2 of the campaign, letting people see them for who they are... real people who can offer a new way of politics... honest people with real ideas for this country.

Everyone figured that the Tories would "go negative" right out of the gate with Adscam and corruption. They didn't. The Liberals so far have basically said and done nothing... many think they had a negative program all ready to go, and we just pulled the rug out from under them by staying positive... leaving them with nothing to campaign with!

I ask you, what has been on the front page almost every day so far? Stephen Harper, with another positive plank in the Conservative's "open" agenda. The media has been really good so far, and they even seem to be on his side! They too appear to be getting sick of the Liberals, and Paul Martin in particular. In many reports, they show how Paul Martin has said one thing on one day, then the exact opposite thing later the same day! For example...

1) he said "Stephen Harper should be ashamed that he won't stick up for the Charter and SSM", then is accused for letting his own MP's supposedly not support the Charter by voting against SSM!

2) he said "I would never accuse Stephen Harper of wanting a PQ victory in Quebec", then later that night said "Look at Stephen Harper, teaming up with the Seperatists!"

And all the recent polls show them neck and neck... with many conceeding that they think Harper will form the next government!

All of Paul Martin's rallies are small and strictly run, with controlled admitance... all of Harper's are busting at the seams, and open to all!

Was talking to a co-worker... she said she voted Liberal last time... not a chance this time! I've heard others say similar things too. All the "experts" are saying that there is a huge and building desire for change among voters, and any little gaffe by either party may just be enough to tip the balance.

And perhaps the most amazing thing is happening... several former powerful Liberals are publically saying that Harper isn't so scary after all! How's this for a list of names? Warren Kinsella... Sheila Copps... CAROLYN PARRISH!?!?!? Even these senior and connected Liberals are saying it's time for "Junior" (as some call Paul Martin) and "the Board" (the nickname for his staff) to go.

Get this... Sheila Copps is CONSULTING for the Conservative Party in Tony Valeri's riding... the one where he beat her for the nomination in 2004. (Star Trek, Khan: "Have you heard the Klingon proverb that says 'Revenge is a dish that is best served cold'?") And she's telling her former supporters in the riding to vote for the NDP candidate! Liberals on the right to the Tories, Liberals on the left to the NDP... and Tony goes down in flames!

There are loads of bitter former Chreiten supporters who are actively working to engineer Paul Martin's defeat... and someone from INSIDE the Liberal War Room dropped off internal documents ON THE DOORSTEPS OF THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY HEADQUARTERS!!!

What better indicators of change do you need?


  • At Sat. Dec. 24, 11:13:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    lets hope they keep it up. dont forget last election. they peeked too early. things looked great until martin pulled out his bag of negative tricks


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