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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Did any of you hear about this in the main stream media? I think not. Looks like ANOTHER Canadian pastor is getting sued for an article he wrote about homosexuality. He's being hauled in front of the Alberta Human Rights Commission, and he will most likely lose. He'll be fined $7000 and be forced to publish an appology, which he has already said he will refuse to do, even if it means jail.

Original report from here.

Republished on here.

In cases like this, I hate being right. I've always said that this is how things would go down here in Canada. How is it that some teenage/twenty-something pundit like myself HAS BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG, when the MSM, who's been telling us over and over again that Ottawa has promised that THESE KINDS OF THINGS WON'T HAPPEN?


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