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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bringing Down the House - The Sequel

"Anonymous" left a comment on my blog to my Bringing Down the House post:

"your theory would indicate that the conservatives control the house; in fact they do not. There may be a chance that there is a fall election but it will be because it is set up by the grits"

Maybe, but you might want to refer to my Honeymoon is Over post for clarification.

If the NDP support a non-confidence motion, (and since they stand to profit from the disillusioned left of the Liberal Party, I think Jack just might) 98 (Tories)+ 54 (Bloc)+ 19 (NDP)+ 3 (Ind.) makes 174, vs. 133 (Liberals). So, considering that I've just I've just quoted the stats for party standings in the House of Commons, and the likely totals for any confidence motion that the three Opposition parties may put together, the chance that the Opposition could single-handedly bring down the House on their own it actually quite high.
However, as you, and a friend of mine pointed out to me tonight, the Libs will likely see the report before the rest of us do, and they might cause the House to fall sooner to keep it out of the light of day, away from you and me. As my friend said, "The Liberals will do anything to stay in power". How sadly true.


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