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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Today's musings

Just like Brent Colbert, I went into panic when I saw this headline, then breathed easy when I read the story: Clarke launches his third bid for leadership of Tory party. It's talking about Kenneth Clarke, of the Tory party in Britian. Well, I didn't actually go into panic, because I knew there was no chance for old Joe anyway, but still... just the thought sent me into convulsions.

On to more serious matters.

Been looking at pics from Katrina. And we thought we had it bad in Toronto. Finch Ave. will have one section closed for about 3 months. Now compare New Orleans... one of the main bridges into the city is shot; months, maybe years to fix it. I would not at all be shocked if some neighbourhoods became write-offs. I just don't see how they can reclaim all that flooded land with the water still rising.

And then there's the looting. No, I'm not complaining about those taking food and water... I'm talking about the photos of the guys with 10 jerseys slung over their shoulder, or the new TV, the cleaned out Wal-mart, or the girls swapping between their 5 boxes of shoes. Sick. I don't care what their story in life is, that's wrong. Get the National Guard out there in force. And the thugs who are shooting at the rescue choppers at the Hospital? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?!?!?!?

During most disasters, we see stories of self sacrifice and caring. I just don't get what's going on down there.

And then there's the heartbreak. The man who's house was torn in two, and his wife ripped from his grip. The photos of the now homeless. The water in the streets. The loss of life. The words end for now, because they aren't enough. Garth Turner has a link set up for those who wish to donate.


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