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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Silence of Hypocrisy

Sitting at a traffic light in Canada's activist capital, Guelph, Ontario, a stunning thought came to me. It may have been prompted by the sight of a shaved headed girl and her similarly garbed boyfriend a block or so earlier, but the thought came to fruition while I waited for the light to change. I started thinking about the one group of people in Canada who have proven time and time again that they have the power to change things here in our nation. The class of people who no government can mess with... the Activists.

I remember the various anti-globalization protests for the G8 summit meetings, and various protests in Toronto over the years by my angry peers; be it against Mike Harris, homelessness, the G8, George Bush, etc. In Canada, we have a very effective activist lobby, who, when things are not as they should be (at least in their eyes), boy, do they ever speak out!

When Canada's activists want their voice to be heard, it is heard loud and clear. Every media outlet in the nation carries their message, whether or not we may agree with it. And as a result, in the past, when they speak out, things have changed. The world leaders were forced to put Africa at the top of the priority list at the most recent G8 summit, and various pledges have been made to make a difference. (we'll see if anything really changes though) Activists are well known as haters of injustice, poverty, George Bush, capitalism, government corruption, Industrial Globalization, and all the other the rich powerbrokers of the world. They want to rid the world of such things in order, they say, to make life better for every man and woman around the globe.

So, while waiting for the light, I thought to myself, "Hang on a sec. Where are all the activists, marching down every street, decrying our own corrupt government?"

Wherefore art thou, oh activist? I commend you for all your efforts to rid this world of corruption, but, why haven't I seen you on TV lately? We've got a corrupt government on our hands here, who have been exposed, and won't leave, and we need you to depose them! We know you can't stand corruption, we've seen it before, and we're so very grateful for all the times you've exposed the corruption of our neighbours to the South. (see ENDNOTE) BUT WE URGENTLY NEED YOU RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, IN OUR OWN COUNTRY, TO HELP US GET RID OF CORRUPTION! If you guys were to hit the streets, show us your stuff, pull out all the stops, then Ottawa would listen, and we could toss out a corrupt party and start fresh! Imagine... a responsible, accountable, trustworthy government, who would have you to thank for cleaning up the mess that the last guys left! Could you imagine what sort of voice you could then have? Ottawa would know in no uncertain terms that the people have spoken, and will listen to your voice!

What was that? Did you just say "No thanks"? What do you mean? You don't want to expose and rid our nation of corruption? Oh. I see. May I ask you why? What was that? Oh, I see, the "other guy" is going to gut our social safety net, and will ruin healthcare. Amm, may I ask who told you that? Oh, you heard that on the news. Hidden agenda you say? I see. Did you hear that Mr. Harper has dealt with most of those questions? No? Amm, have you checked any of their policies? What was that? Actually, yes, they have clearly stated where they stand on all those issues, didn't you check their website? Oh, I see. I understand. Yes, the CBC lockout is upsetting to me too. What was that? "The herald of truth and all that is good in Canada"? Amm, yea, I can't, er, wait to get them back either.

Okay, so much for my fictional conversation with an activist. If you're an activist, and reading this post (which I have no clue why you may be here other than the fact that my blog angered you for some reason and you just wanted to read what filth I was spewing out today) I'd love to hear your comments. Why have the activists not raised their fists in anger over the rampant corruption in our own nation? They scream and jump up and down when anyone on the right wing of the political spectrum is guilty of any form of corruption, or even when they appear to have done something wrong. (Mr. Grewal anyone?)

Why have they been silent on what is likely the largest political theft of money that this nation has ever seen? Money taken from both the rich and the poor, that could have been used to fund so many beneficial programs that actually solved Canadian issues, rather than lining the pockets and funding election campaigns of a corrupt party?

Could we go as far as to call them hypocrites?

ENDNOTE: Oops, sorry, my error; you've CLAIMED that Dubba is a corrupt moron, but some of us have yet to see the light...


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