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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Galloway's - Random Speculation

In the well established journalistic tradition of the now infamous Gloria Galloway of the Globe & Mail, I have slapped together some pieces of truth, added my own speculation, and come up with a whopper of a story...

I did some digging on the Elections Canada website, and ran a donations search on the last name "Galloway". I came up with a consistent Liberal Party of Canada donor named "David A. Galloway". Now, I will be very careful here, and I make no confirmed accusations of any kind whatsoever, as Mr. Galloway is the former CEO of the Torstar Corporation, CEO of the Bank of Montreal, and is presently on the Board of Directors at the Hospital for Sick Children. He is also a well recognized donor to several Universities and charitable causes. I do not want to mess with this distinguished gentleman.

I've noticed in the publicly available records from Elections Canada that he has donated over $2400 to the Liberal Party of Canada over the last 10 years, and he lives in Toronto. In reading his BMO bio, it says "Mr. Galloway is married with two children and lives in Toronto." Now, in further digging, I've discovered that his wife's name is July; I thought maybe it was Gloria, but, alas, it is not. I did however notice that he has two children, and I have not been able to determine their gender, or their names.

I've also noticed that Gloria Galloway is in the media. Interesting... so was David. How old is Gloria? I can't find any bio info on her anywhere. So, could she be one of the kids? Or a cousin? Maybe a sister or niece? Therefore, could she be using her post in the media to espouse her family dedication to the Liberal Party of Canada?

Again... just wild, random speculation. However, no better or worse than Gloria's recent journalist endeavours.

(NOTE: This is all, really, just wild speculation... don't expect me to defend it if it's inaccurate! Just hope it puts a smile on everyone's face, as this little piece of truth and fiction is meant to be humourous, nothing more)


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