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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What did "30-days after Gomery" mean?

The Right. Hon. Paul Martin made a promise to the Canadian people during his April address to the nation. He said that 30 days after Justice Gomery issues his report, "I will call an election". The Canadian people decided to support him and allow his government to continue, due in large part, to this promise. After all, that was only fair; wait for the report from the Judge who's job it was to report on and assign the blame. That's fair and rational.

He knew, at that time, that there would be two reports. The rest of Canada, the people, didn't know that. I certainly didn't. The majority assumed that Judge Gomery would hand down a report assigning blame, and we would go to the polls.

Therefore, we should be going to the polls shortly after the FIRST REPORT, the report that Canadians wanted to see. We honoured his request, and said we'd wait for Gomery to pass judgement before condemning the Liberals. So, the judgement against the Liberals will be on Nov. 1, NOT Feb. 1.

The Feb. 1 report will be the technical details and recommendations for the NEXT GOVERNMENT on how to prevent similar corruption from occuring again. If Paul Martin is re-elected this fall, then he can follow the recommendations from Justice Gomery. If he's not, then the next PM can follow the recommendations.

I vote for a Fall election. Let us see the report, then vote. No more spin, no more delays, give us the info we've been waiting for, then go to the ballot box.


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