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Saturday, December 01, 2012

How Rob Ford can/will win again

The left has made a huge strategic error in teaming up to get Rob Ford removed from office. If he doesn't win on appeal (which many think he will, see here for an example), there's a pretty easy way for him to win the hearts and minds of the voters on this issue... and he'll barely even have to open his mouth.

First event of the campaign, get a venue with a stage, so the cameras all have a nice clear sight line. Then, either in full football gear, or even just nicely dressed, walk out on stage with his "team"... flanked by a dozen or so kids, who otherwise wouldn't have been able to play football without the money he'd raised. (I'm sure he'll be able to find more then enough volunteers from the ranks of the kids he's currently and formerly coached)  Have him say a couple of words, talk about these kids, the lives they've lived, and about how coaching has been about giving back to the community.

Then say just a very few words on what this is REALLY about... a few folks, with money, who don't like him or his policies, and who want the city to be run their way. People who couldn't win at the ballot box, so they gave the suburbs the middle-finger by voting against subways for them (meanwhile they already have subways in the core... not that these folks likely ever actually use them...) and then removing the duly elected mayor that residents of the suburbs voted for.

Then, and here's the kicker... get one, just one, articulate young man to say a couple of words of thanks to Rob Ford for all he's done for them. Maybe tell his own story, maybe one of them was steered away from a life of crime as a result. Or who knows, maybe one of them even got a football scholarship thanks to Rob's support over the years. Can you imagine that one? Take all the wind out of the sails of the left, before they even have a chance to open their mouths.

Because let's face it, the voters understand this one... Rob Ford the do-gooder, trying to help a bunch of underprivileged kids, versus a whole whack of VERY highly privileged individuals who just don't like Rob Ford.  Game. Set. Match. The voters will decide who's right on this one.

I mean, can you imagine the good these guys could have done by funding Rob's kids, instead of spending thousands of dollars on the various court challenges they've launched in a misguided attempt at political revenge?