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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Blackberry Playbook review

It sucks. [END REVIEW]

Okay, maybe I should elaborate a bit more... try reading here, for just a SMALL sample of what I, and it seems many other, PlayBook users are going through.

Multiple users, all getting the same problem. When you first power on the unit, and get it on the wifi and then register your new account, it wants to do an immediate update. Sure, fine I think... and that's where the problems begin. Not just for me, but for MANY users.

Once the update process begins, THERE'S NO WAY TO GET OUT OF IT. If it fails, you have to reboot, and then after the reboot, it gives you two options: A) Try again, or B) Power off. That's right... it's TRY AGAIN, or NOTHING. So... I'm now on my SEVENTH attempt. I kid you not... MY SEVENTH. This time, lo and behold, it managed to complete the download of the update... after taking I don't know, an hour or so to download 300MB.

The power button on the thing SUCKS too. When it powers down the screen, it takes a couple of tries to press the power button "just right" to get it back on again. Flimsy is the word that comes to mind.

All in all, I've had the thing out of the box for four some-odd hours, just trying to get it past the initial setup portion... AND I'M STILL NOWHERE WITH THIS THING. At the moment, it's nothing more than a rather stylish looking PAPERWEIGHT.

An expensive, but stylish, paperweight.

Bottom line thoughts thus far... NOT READY FOR MARKET.

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