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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Gloria Strikes Again!!!

What is going on over at the Globe? Talk about a vendeta! Who's the one with the Hidden Agenda? Gloria Galloway, card carring Conservative-Basher, is publishing more tripe! Read this story carefully... HAS SHE IN FACT UNCOVERED MORE DISSENT? No, in fact, she's just repeating what she's already said, and using that as the foundation for this new article!

Contact the Globe, and ask for answers. They are perpetuating the myth of a split Party with NO EVIDENCE!!! There is JUST AS MUCH STRIFE in the Liberal Party of Canada (enter the Chretienites like Warren Kinsella), but Gloria has convinently and consistantly missed this fact!

GLORIA, when will you start giving us some REAL journalism? How about the latest Liberal scandal, the TPC fiasco at Industry Canada? If she dug into and blew the lid off that story, she'd prove that she's a truely unbiased journalist. But then again, that wouldn't fall in line with her hidden Liberal agenda, now would it?


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