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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

BLACK TUESDAY - June 28, 2005

In direct conflict with the majority of Canadians, the Liberal government, the Government of Canada, has passed Bill C-38, a bill changing the definition of marriage in Canada.

The Government has attempted to re-define an institution that it has no authority to alter. As such, I do not recognize this legislation, and I will not recognize any same sex couple as being "married". Marriage is an institution defined by God alone, and in accordance with the teachings of the Bible, God's Holy Word, I do not recognize such unions as valid.

Today, hereby referred to as "Black Tuesday", marks the beginning of the end for Canada as we know it. History shows that as a nation declines morally, its end is near. Let it also be stated that the enacting of this law will result in the imprisonment of Christians within the next few years. As one who may enter Church leadership sometime in the future, and one who may be authorized to perform marriages, this law may end up in my own incarceration. Nevertheless, may God's will be done.

My Declaration - (to be read at my court hearing at a date yet to be determined)

On this day, "Black Tuesday", June 28, 2005, I, "Christian Conservative", declare that in accordance with God's Holy Word, the Holy Bible, I do not and will not recognize the validity of same sex marriage.

In accordance with the religious freedoms proclaimed within Bill C-38, it is my right. Prime Minister Paul Martin has indicated that religious freedoms will be protected, and he is to be called as a witness to this fact. Any overturning of this right by any court or tribunal is in direct conflict with the religious freedoms protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We acknowledge that at a future date, these rights will however be ignored for the "greater good", and let it be known that at every stage of debate, opponents of Bill C-38 warned that the protections for religious freedoms within Bill C-38 were not sufficient.

In other words, we were right. Bill C-38 will in fact be used to target those of faith.


"Christian Conservative"
"Black Tuesday", June 28, 2005

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Now this is interesting... here's what was said at Gomery back in September... BEFORE anyone was paying attention!!! Chretien was told that he'd be holding the bag if anything went wrong, WAY BACK IN 1997!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Grrr.... no election, the budget passed, and the SSM bill is threatening to go through.

What is wrong with our nation? They support corruption. They support the spending of BILLIONS of dollars to buy their votes. They believe every little thing that Uncle Paul Martin tells them.

When will people care? And if they continue not to care, would they at least listen to another voice, rather than tote the party line for a party we KNOW is corrupt?

Friday, June 10, 2005

I just don't get it

Please someone, respond. Explain to me why in this world anyone could possibly concieve of voting for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Canadians are always among the first people to condemn corrupt nations and powers, and rightly so. It's a good thing that we do, and I hope we keep it up. But how on earth can any of us turn a blind eye when it's happening in our own nation???

And how on earth can we justify voting for them just because people think the alternative is "Really Really Scary". Hello? Do we believe everything that comes out of the mouth of the Liberal Party of Canada? Where do people get these ideas? FROM THE LIBERALS!!!

Medicare - Still Broken, 12 Years Later

Is it just me, or haven't I heard the Liberals say they were going to fix healthcare for the last 12 years? The recent decision by the Supreme Court should be clearly seen by all Canadians as an inditement of the Liberal Party.