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Friday, August 20, 2010

McGuinty's new Cabinet Minister a 2003 CTF Teddy Award Winner

Just who is Glen Murray, McGuinty's latest Ministerial appointment?
“Our Teddies are an appropriate way to give them the recognition they so richly deserve,” he said. But half a dozen golden sows are languishing in CTF’s Ottawa office because only former Winnipeg Mayor Glen Murray has actually accepted his award.

Williamson said CTF Manitoba director Adrienne Batra showed up at Murray’s office in 2003, statue in hand. Murray came out of his office, accepted the pig and put it on his toilet in the mayor’s office.

Among other tax dollar abuses, Murray was cited for his pet project of a $1 million toilet on the Provencher footbridge as part of an ambitious $5 million urban facelift project.



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