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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kevin Rudd OUSTED as Australia's PM... new PM to attend G20 summit

It's done... Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been ousted by his own Deputy PM and Cabinet.

Deputy PM Julia Gillard has taken the reins as Australia's first female Prime Minister.

For a humourous take on the events down under, picture for a moment the conversation that Gillard and Michael Ignatieff might have, sharing their experiences in taking over their respective party leaderships. Of course, of our arrogant minded professor goes first, and tells the epic Russian tale of how he deposed Stephane Dion for the leadership of the Liberal Party. To which Gillard replies, "That's not a coup... now THIS is a coup!" (thank you Crocidile Dundee!)

Can't say I'm sad to see him tossed... after all, he's the guy that took out Howard. Who must be feeling a little bit of satisfaction right about now.

UPDATE: I think CTV is going to have to update their interactive G20 page...

UPDATE II: As per her response to a question at her incoming press conference, the new PM has stated that she will not be attending the G20 meetings, and that the new Deputy PM will attend in her stead as she spends time to establish her new Government.


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