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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Young Liberals to Iggy: "We deserve better"

A Google translation of a letter sent to Michael Ignatieff... by some disenfranchised young Liberals in Quebec.

Seems all is not well for Iggy in "La Belle Province".
We are sure that you understand, Mr. Ignatieff, as members of this party, we deserve better.
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Jonathan Pedneault and John Lennard
The authors are young activists of the Liberal Party of Canada. Mr. Pedneault wanted to be a candidate in Longueuil-Pierre-Boucher.

Ignatieff, there was a time when being liberal was a sign of courage, strength of character, independence of mind and respect for democracy.

Unfortunately we are forced to note that in 2009 a member of the federal Liberal Party in Quebec, is knowing how to keep his place, to obey without question - and especially - do not question the authorities in place.

As members of the PLC, but also as strong advocate of liberal thought, we see ourselves forced by lack of unfortunate events, to take call on the public square for you state our point of view. Our goal is not to embarrass the party, but to strengthen it. If we do this is that we are confident that we could get our message through the forums of the party. Bodies which, like all institutions, have the annoying habit of opposing the change and their ideas seemed a little too bold. In the Liberal Party is willing, this should be seen as a serious problem.

Even more problematic is how the tendency of some people in our party to be institutionalized so as to make ubiquitous and omnipotent. This seems especially true these days, while hints of Duplessis float in the air somewhat tainted by the Quebec wing of the LPC.

Since a new lieutenant was appointed to Quebec by you, we never stopped to let us do understand the importance of his role. So also with all the respect that we grow with you, we ask that you or the lieutenant in question, leading the party in Quebec. We will deliver not question the quality of your leadership within the party, but we can only worry about seeing some act as if they alone were in control.

After we have announced with great fanfare in spring 2009, all districts of Quebec, including those held by Liberal MPs, could be subject to a nomination contest to determine the party candidate, some began to playing petty politics to ensure their future and their grandiloquent ambitions.

Somewhat sneaky, they began to impose candidates in several constituencies, thereby exceeding the sacred right that should be members of this party, we want Liberal to choose one who will carry the red their constituency.
It is not very liberal to deny applications for the nomination, without justification, to focus people around him. It is not very liberal favor some other candidate in a nomination contest. And it is not very generous to its own interests (or dirty, it depends) over democracy.

Without doubt, the imposing shadow of those people who take too much space hovers above all Liberal ranks in Quebec. During the drafting of that letter, we received much encouragement from people who shared our views, but be prepared to co-sign for fear of reprisals. Is this the party for which we wish to argue? This party needs to regain its former glory liberal, and flout the law of silence.

Now that elections are fast approaching, it seems difficult to see that members of this party - which we recall are the backbone of any possible victory -have a say in selecting candidates. However, for the good of the party and for that of your political future, we believe that you should beware of those who by their actions, seeking by every means to harass the courage, strength of character, independence of spirit and soul fundamentally Democratic members of the party.

We are sure that you understand, Mr. Ignatieff, as members of this party, we deserve better.

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