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Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Jack gets his mojo back

It's real simple, with all the recent polls out there, and with the current implosion of the Liberal brand in Quebec... CALL IGGY'S BLUFF ON THE NEXT CONFIDENCE MOTION.

There is simply no way that Iggy can afford to go to the polls right now... he's in Dion like territory with the media and the electorate. Gilles will be smelling the blood in the water, and won't prop up the Tories in the upcoming Confidence motion. All Jack has to do is stick to his guns and vote non-confidence for the 80th time.

Only two possible outcomes, both of them which are good for Jack Layton's NDP:

1) Iggy gets to wear some serious on his face, AGAIN, when he's forced to let his own non-Confidence motion fail.

2) The motion carries, we go into an election for which Iggy will wear ALL the blame. Jack gets to run his dream campaign of being the "Effective Opposition" with a Liberal leader everyone is ticked off at. He's in a great position to pick off a whole whack of Liberal seats in places like Toronto, thanks largely to disaffected Liberals.

I just don't see the downside for Jack Layton... do you?

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  • At Thu. Sep. 24, 04:19:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger revanche said…

    Not bad advice for Layton, CC.

    Not only is Iggy taking it on the chin in the polls, but the LPC appears ready to fly apart at the seams once again. When "worse than Dion" is the lead criticism from Liberals, you know how this is gonna end.

    Still, I wonder about the surge in support by the Tories in the GTA, how that plays into things.

  • At Thu. Sep. 24, 07:22:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Swift said…

    If the Conservative war room lets Iggy take all the blame for an election, they should be looking for new jobs as soon as the polls close. If the all the opposition parties wear the blame for an election that most Canadians do not want, the Conservatives will be the big winners. If the NDP vote for a Liberal non-confidence motion, it will be the eightieth time in eighty one opportunities they have done so. This makes it oh so easy for Jack to wear a big portion of the blame for an election.

  • At Fri. Sep. 25, 12:53:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Aviator said…

    The NDP are down to two-thirds of where they were going into the last election - they won't bring the government down. The Bloc are deathly afraid that an election will return a Conservative majority and their $1.95 per vote will disappear - so the Bloc won't bring the government down either.

    Short answer - no election (at least until the pensions become available to 70-some MPs in June )2010


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