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Monday, August 11, 2008

What's your "GST" rebate going to be?

Did what the Liberals want me to do, and calculated the "savings" my household would get with their new "Green Shift Tax"... my GST "rebate", if you will. (so not only does Dion want to RAISE the GST, he wants to bring in yet another NEW GST too...)

$520 bucks. That's it, for my whole family. Of course, who knows how much the cost of everything stands to rise with the "new GST" should Dion ever get elected. I have to run two cars back and forth to work, then there's my hydro bill, plus my natural gas bill, and then the cost increase on my grocery bill... and it's already looking pretty tight.

Of course, that's assuming I still have my job...

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  • At Mon. Aug. 11, 09:29:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You are right to be concerned about your job should the Nutty Professor and his gang of bandits ever gain power.
    I am retired, but work part time at a local printing firm. The company just hired a lady from Germany who, along with her husband, are here on one of those two-year work permit with option toapply for permanent residence deals. He is a truck driving instructor. She claims that ten years ago they would never have contemplated leaving Germany. However, since the German government has embaked on a "green revolution", scores of industries have packed up and moved to the old Eastern Bloc countries. Particularly hard hit has been the trucking industry which has seen a mass exodus due to onerus fuel taxes. Her husband can no longer find gainful employment.
    Her eldest daughter, who remains in Germany, has informed her that she and her husband have no plans to have children because they don't know how much further industrial activity will contract and they fear for their own jobs.
    Look into this crystal ball. This is the future for most Canadians if the zealots keep control of the environmental agenda and if the tax and spend Liberals gain power.

  • At Mon. Aug. 11, 10:31:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Swift said…

    The cost of everything will go up, including your provincial and municipal taxes.


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