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Friday, August 08, 2008

Amm, Scott? Where's Frank's news releases?

Good old Scott Tribe tried again to insult Guelph Conservative candidate Gloria Kovach, implying that she doesn't even know where Guelph is in Canada... all because there's a news release in her "Latest Stories" section on her website called "Atlantic Liberals Afraid to talk about Carbon Tax Plan". (which, by the way, they seem to be... but I digress)

Well you see Scott, that section of the website seems to contain the seven most recent items compiled not only from the local campaign, but from some news stories issued by the Party as well. As of this moment, it contains FIVE local items, and just TWO from the National Party.

Contrast that with Scott's candidate, Frank Valeriote. Over on his website, we see the two batches of stories seperated on the right sidebar. But there's one problem... it only contains ONE locally related story. "FRANK VALERIOTE OFFICIALLY OPENS CAMPAIGN OFFICE", dated July 30... that's over a week ago!

But while we're there, let's see what press releases he's got posted... oh, stories from the National Party. Okay, well there's one story on their candidate in Saskatchewan who just suddenly stepped down (hang on, that makes two this week, doesn't it Scott?); one about the Canadian Wheat Board, (that's in Western Canada, right Scott?); one on WHO and InSite (that's in Vancouver, on the West Coast, am I wrong Scott?); one on, oops, Liberals in Atlantic Canada (umm, Scott... Guelph’s in Ontario, not Atlantic Canada); and finally, one on the Taliban-Pakistan issue (Scott, should I even bother pointing out that's on the other side of the globe?)

Yea... amm, real "Guelph-centric" there Scott. Here, let me give you and your candidate a hand with that...

That arrow? Yea, that's where Guelph is. Those places mentioned in all those press releases? Yea, none of them are anywhere near there. No, really... you're welcome. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I should give credit to the provider of the map... thanks for the map Scott)

But, I must say, in his attempted (and I think failed) attack on Kovach, Scott does raise a good question... where exactly are your candidate's media releases? What has your guy been up to recently? What issues has he made statements on? For that matter, are there ANY issues he's put out statements on? Why has he been so quiet on the issues Scott? Any idea?

Meanwhile, let's take a look over at Kovach's News Releases section:

- Defence Minister Peter MacKay to Canvas With Gloria Kovach Thursday
- Agriculture Minister Ritz and Gloria Kovach Attend Guelph Farmers Market
- Agriculture Minister Ritz and Gloria Kovach Host Agriculture Roundtable
- Liberal Frank Valeriote Attacks GST Cut for Guelph Families
- By-election Called in Guelph, Gloria Kovach is “Ready To Go”
- Youth Volunteers and Peter Van Loan in Guelph This Weekend to Help Team Kovach
- Guelph Conservative EDA Opens Office
- Guelph Liberal Candidate Silent on Carbon Tax Scheme
- Liberal Candidate Does Not Support Green Industry in Guelph
- Biofuels bill is good for our environment: Kovach
- Kovach applauds $1-million grant from Ottawa for Guelph Civic Museum
- Kovach says the 2008 Budget is “good news for Guelph”
- Ottawa donates $1 million to help expand market opportunities for agri-business

Wow! So many Guelph-centric items! So many issues touched on! Yea... looks like she's been a busy girl!

So what's your guy been up to Scott? Hummm?

(just for the record Scott, no hard feelings here... I just couldn't let that totally out to lunch post go unanswered. I made this post tongue-in-cheek, not maliciously... hope it results in a smile and laugh. Have a great weekend either way!)

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  • At Fri. Aug. 08, 06:27:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Powell lucas said…

    When your party is going down the tubes you will clutch at any straw to attempt to stop the matter how pathetic or irrelevant.
    As for the Liberal candidates shilling for the Nutty professor's green shaft...the silence on that subject is deafening. Even the Liberal bloggers have given up on trying to sell this stupid idea and have resorted to the same old tried and true Liberal mud slinging.

  • At Tue. Aug. 26, 06:20:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger kwittet said…

    hey...glad to finally post here...maybee you should have shown scott where canada is on the world map.

    from a long time conservative!!


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