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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Will Godfrey keep double dipping, or retire?

Liberal MP John Godfrey has already started his new job, but apparently, he's decided that instead of sticking to his original retirement date of July 1, he's going to keep on being an MP until August 1.

A rally was held outside of the Toronto French School yesterday, where John Godfrey has already begun his new job as Headmaster.  The organizer, Gord Moore (full disclosure, he's the campaign manager for the CPC's candidate in Don Valley West) has pointed out that while he's collecting his paycheque from the TFS, he'll also be collecting his July salary as a Member of Parliament... which will be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $13,000.

So, John Godfrey has been asked a simple question... will be continue to "double-dip" on the taxpayers dime, or will he retire immediately?

After all, he did originally say he was going to retire back on July 1... his explanation for why he's staying on the payroll?

"I haven't had a holiday since last summer," he said. "I've taken my holiday time to pack up both of my offices."

In order for him to access his parliamentary office and to request more than 14 years of correspondence, he officially still has to be an MP, he added.

"I decided instead of taking a holiday, I would use that time for transition and could start the new job and I just wouldn't have a holiday," Godfrey said about currently being headmaster at TFS.

My theory?  I think the Liberals are trying to put an unofficial "spending cap" on the Conservatives, since the Liberals themselves are pretty much broke.  What do I mean by that?  During a by-election, each party is permitted to spend $50,000 per riding.  So do the simple math... $50,000, times by three by-elections, and you come to a total of $150,000 that each national party is allowed to spend during the by-election writ period.  Of course, when I say three ridings, I'm referring only to the Westmount, St. Lambert, and Guelph ridings that are currently vacant.

Because you see, if John Godfrey had stuck to his original schedule, then there would be FOUR ridings in play... and an additional $50,000 that each party could spend during the by-election period.

So you see, the Liberals having John Godfrey has some significant strategic consequences... since the Liberals likely don't have $200,000 to spare, and they know the Tories are awash in cash, by asking Mr. Godfrey to stick around for an extra two weeks, they've managed to reduce their expenses, and prevent the Tories for making use of their full resources during the by-election period.

Clever little move there, don't you think?  Of course, the issue of the double-dipping is still hanging out there, but since the press (other than the Toronto Sun) haven't caught on, well, they're likely off the hook... again.


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