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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Liberals: "The Offical Abstainers"

Marni Soupcoff of the National Post's Editoral Board ripped into the Liberals today, taking them to task for looking out solely for their own interests, and for not doing the job they were elected to do.
"The Post editorial board: The abstention party

The Liberals' reasoning here is quite transparent. Throwing eggs at the government over the Cadman allegations might win them votes in the next election, while voting against the budget might actually trigger such an election. And while the Liberals are keen to improve their electoral fortunes, they are deathly afraid of bringing the government down now because they are said to be badly in debt, bitterly divided over Mr. Dion's leadership and unprepared to face voters. So instead of performing their proper role in the national debate -- providing sensible alternatives to government bills -- the Liberals are hiding in their Parliament Hill holes and poking up their heads only when it suits their party's parochial interests.

The recent shenanigans only reinforce the impression that Mr. Dion and his charges have neither the spine nor the stomach to provide Canadians with anything except ad hominem catcalls."
I'm not sure how much longer they can survive this onslaught. People keep saying they're just waiting for their fortunes to get better in the polls... if they keep getting these sorts of reviews from the media, I have a feeling that their chances for electoral improvement are slim to none.

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  • At Thu Mar 06, 09:10:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The liberals care nothing about governing, only being the government. What's best for Canada is completely immaterial to them, they care only about getting their greasy hands on the levers of government.
    Compare that to Harper, whether you agree with his actions or not, he has done things that were politically unpopular. The income trusts is one example, Afghanistan is another, and the fight with Danny Williams is yet another. If he was a Liberal he would have done the politically advantageous thing instead of doing what he thought was right.
    Too bad the MSM rarely notices that when they crow about how Harper is desperate and will do anything for a majority.


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