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Friday, February 29, 2008

RMR Liberals Video - ALMOST 16,000 HITS!

Rick Mercer is a genius alright... that's what almost everyone that has seen this clip has been saying, here online, and all the people I've show it to here at work! When I checked yesterday, it had around 5,000 hits... this morning, it's just a few shy of 16,000! Talk about a viral video!

Of course, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Warren posted it on his website late last night... (and some people say he's a nobody in the blogosphere... whatever. Bottom line is, when Warren posts something, traffic goes up)

Anyway, he has a VERY interesting comments about the video... something the Liberals need to pay heed to...

"when they start laughing at you, it's all over. Fini."

OUCH! Despite what you may think of the guy, he's been right about a whole lot in the realm of Canadian politics over the last few years... 19 times out of 20. If he says it's OVER, FINI, for Team Dion, then there's sure to a whole lot of worrying over in the OLO.

So, on that note, here it is again! (I can't get enough of this thing!!!)

UPDATE: CalgaryGrit and Red Tory 2.0 posted it too.

UPDATE II: It just topped 17,500.

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