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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

GREAT speech by Glen Pearson, Liberal MP

Hoped over to to pick up any pre-Budget stuff, and caught Liberal MP for London North Centre Glen Pearson giving a speech on the Afghan mission... and voicing his support for the extension until 2011.

I must say, I honestly thought I was listening to a Conservative MP, until CPAC flashed his name and Party affiliation on the screen.

Regardless of his affiliation, it was a GREAT speech. Talking about his conversations with Canadian soliders, who told him the Taliban will waltz right back in if we leave. He talked about his dicussions with women's groups, who told him that if we leave, the Taliban will round up, and likely kill, many prominent women who have risen up to positions of leadership since we arrived.

I'm looking forward to getting the Hansard on that one. Well said, good sir. In followup, Peter Mackay also rose up to compliment Mr. Pearson for his words, and his work in public, and in private, on the Afghan issue.

Who says there can't be non-partisan co-operation in our Government?

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