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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Say NO to Brander for Ontario PC 6th VP

UPDATE, May 2010: LONG overdue update, for those still hitting this post via Google... just so folks know, Andrew Brander and I had a great chat about this post at the London Convention in 2008, and we're on pretty good terms... and he's still one of my top picks for campaign workers ANY DAY!!! END UPDATE

I haven't taken any public positions on the candidates for the Ontario PC Executive, though I've had my own private thoughts on one of them, the race for 6th VP. But yesterday's events, I'm coming out openly to oppose Andrew Brander in his efforts to become 6th VP of the Ontario PC Executive.

I've met Andrew Brander a couple of times now. I, as I always do, assumed that people are people, and treat everyone with equal respect. But each time I've met with and talked to Andrew, I've been dismissed as being insignificant, and not worth the time of day for him to bother to even regard my presence. Of course, he had no idea who I was at the time, so I didn't make a big deal of it... I just figured he was some political staffer with an oversized ego, and let him do his own thing.

Now, I discover he's a PCOYA bigshot, and is now running for the Ontario Party Executive. Not if I can help it, with the stunt's he's been pulling in his efforts to keep John Tory in the Leader's chair.

He sent, I think in his current official capacity, a letter to a whole whack of legitimately registered "YES" delegates, informing them that their credentials as delegates are being challenged. It is believed by some that this is a mere intimidation tactic, seeking to discourage some YES members from showing up at the convention. Here's a pic of the letter...

These efforts are being vigorously opposed by the Draft A Leader campaign... stay tuned for updates.

Andrew Brander represents a lot of things that I OPPOSE in the PC Party. He strikes me as being arrogant, and dismissive of anyone and anything that does not help him in his efforts to rise up in the ranks of the Party. He's exactly the sort of person we need LESS of, not more of, in positions of power. As such, as a registered Youth Delegate, I will be voting for his opponent, Robert Elliott.

However, I do have one sincere hope for Andrew... I think he truely is a great motivator and could be of great use to the Party in the years ahead... IF, and that's a big IF, he loses the ego, and learns that positions of power ought to be used to help OTHERS. As such, he needs to learn to put others first, and seek to serve in their best interests, not his own. And I think a loss this weekend could be exactly the sort of thing that might help him learn that valuable lesson.

Andrew, moving forward, the Party could use skilled people like you... but you need to grow in your people skills before you become really valuable. In that spirit, I hope that you are not successful in your bid for 6th VP. It is also my hope that you will take your loss and use it as an opportunity for personal growth and character development, and that you will try again some time in the future.

The best of luck to you... and in my opinion, the best thing for you personally, and for the Party, is a loss this time around. Next time, after I see signs of personal growth, I'll be happy to support you in your bid.

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  • At Thu Feb 21, 10:28:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree with this post 100%.

    Remember, Brander was also the fellow who was accused of pressuring PC youth to sign a letter of support for Tory or face having their future in the party put in jeopardy.

    This weekend I'll be urging everybody I meet not to vote for Brander.

  • At Thu Feb 21, 03:24:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yes you should encourage people to not vote for Brander for the reasons you say, but also encourage them to vote for Rob Elliott. Rob is committed to giving the members a voice in the policy developement process. This is something our party needs now more than ever!


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