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Saturday, December 22, 2007

U of W rocks!

At least their CS department does! They've got some sweeeeeeeet internet pipes! And with all the students back home for Christmas, no one's online to clog things up for me!

I was trying to download Xubuntu, a Linux distro to play around with over Christmas. Anyway, getting the 500+MB iso file was going to take over 2-3 hours from the main site, so I said forget that... I did a google search for an alternate download mirror. Ended up finding one, hosted by the University of Waterloo's Computer Club servers.

Lo and behold, the download time from there? ELEVEN FREAKING MINUTES!!! I've got to be the only one hitting their systems right now, cause that's stinking fast!

I'll let you know how the Linux experiment goes. Unfortunately, I won't be able to test it on my "sweet new laptop" I ordered from Future Shop... looks like I bought some "vaporware". Future Shop informed me via e-mail last night that the laptops never came, and they won't be getting them from the manufacturer, Hewlett-Packard. Merry Christmas indeed.

On a positive note, however, they didn't just leave it at, "Tough luck buddy". Included in the e-mail was, now get this, an eCertificate for $100... yes, that's one hundred dollars, towards my next purchase... and the voucher is valid from Dec. 24 until March 2008.

Folks... THAT'S how you do customer service. Nice move guys. Looks like I'm going Boxing Day shopping for laptops. Kinda have to get it then in order to get it included in my 2007 tax write offs for my new business. Here's hoping they have a good deal!

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