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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Major Healthcare Vendor to port apps to Linux

Buddy of mine sent this to me this morning... and it's HUGE news.

McKesson Provider Technologies, a MAJOR vendor of clinical systems and applications, is starting to move their apps to Linux based solutions, in order to offer lower cost solutions to it's customers.

The McKesson group of companies is one of the biggest healthcare organizations in the world... you've likely been a recipiant of McKesson's services in the past. Ever get your prescriptions at Shoppers? Guess who supplies them? Though they're not a huge player in the clinical systems in Canada, there are a number of large and high-profile organizations that use McKesson based solutions. Full disclousure, I'm actually a former McKesson employee... a Hospital I used to work for had outsourced their IT department to McKesson.

By porting their apps to Linux, they're actually moving the open source movement forward by a huge step... they're legitimizing Linux in one of the most critical areas in our society, the Healthcare sector. Basically, if they feel that Linux is finally ready to run mission-critical apps that run our hospitals... well, that's just HUGE.

And it's going to keep driving down the costs of IT solutions in general, which is good news for everyone.

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