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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"HV F8TH" - MTO says "Offensive"... 20 years later

A friend of mine sent me this. I mean, come on you guys at the MTO... a guy has the license plate "HV F8TH" for 20 years, and goes to get the rusted old plates replaced... only to be told that it does not meet the Ministry's current guidelines to be considered "acceptable". Another guy I know has the plate "3 in 1", in reference to the Trinity... I wonder if he'll also be denied. Or what about all those people who have some reference to a passage in the Bible?

People are allowed to have plates openly proclaiming their various activities that some may deem offensive, like one in my area that says "BE NUDE"... which I find completely offensive... but I've never filed a complaint. He can have that, but people aren't allowed to make any reference whatsoever to something near and dear to them... their faith? I'm not talking about overtly offensive plates, I understand the need for some basic screening... I wouldn't think a plate saying "UGO2HELL" or "URASINNR" would be acceptable either. But taking away these innocuous plates a guy has had for 20 years? Come on...

If this guys license plate was so "offensive", why did you wait 20 years to do something about it? Have there been any complaints?

Are you offended by this title? Seems the Ministry of Transportation thinks it's pretty offensive:

Russell Henry has had the (license) plate "HV F8TH" - "Have Faith" - for 20 years, and when he applied to replace his old, rusting plates, the Ministry of Transportation denied his request. "It does not meet the ministry's current criteria since this configuration could be considered by some members of the public to connotate religion," the ministry's letter indicated.

Minister of Transportation = Jim Bradley - click here. Members of all faith groups (Christian/Jewish/Muslim/Hindu) should write and express their thoughts on this matter to the Minister.
I think I'll drop the Minister a line on this really dumb one.

UPDATE: This Ministry will now allow Mr. Henry to renew his plates, along with "REV JO", a minister who also had her plate renewal rejected. (and I don't buy their "REV is the initials of an alcoholic drink, so it was rejected on that basis" denial, due to the fact that "HV F8TH" can't be explained away that way)



  • At Wed. Dec. 05, 04:29:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Righhhhht. Christians are SO persecuted.

    Personally, I prefer derogatory bumper stickers.


    Don't pray in our schools. We don't think in your church.

    Darwin Loves You

    Honk if you understand Punctuated Equilibria

    Equal Rights Are Not Special Rights


  • At Wed. Dec. 05, 06:16:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    CC: One of your fellow flock members is sounding off on the View. You and Stock might want to put a leash on her, before she REALLY lets the cat out of the bag.


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