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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Is Dion leading Quebec women to the slaughter?

The electoral slaughterhouse, that is... Steve Janke has done some analysis, and pointed out that Mr. Dion has painted himself into yet another corner.

In order to fulfill his committment of running 1/3 female candidates in the next election, he's likely going to have to appoint at least 25 more women in the province of Quebec. Now, according to all the polls, Mr. Dion's Liberals are set to take a beating in Quebec in the next election. Therefore, these 25 yet unnamed women, whomever they may be, must know that they're going to be asked to fly a Kamakhazi mission for the Liberal Party of Canada.

I think Steve sums it up well... "Some might wonder, perhaps publicly, if Stephane Dion was using women as cannon fodder in Quebec.

If allegations like that arise, Stephane Dion will also be remembered as the federal leader who did the most to hurt the level of participation of women in elected office."

Stephane Dion... the man who's leading dozens of Quebec women to the electoral slaughterhouse.

Stephane Dion... yea, he's not much of a leader.

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  • At Sat Dec 01, 05:48:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Janke's math is wrong. Quebec accounts for 48.6% of all remaining unfilled Liberal nominations. That does not mean that 49% of the remaining Quebec nominations need to be filled with women, it means that--all else being equal--49% of the remaining women nominees would have to come from Quebec.

    That's 49%*36 women left to nominate equals 17, not 49%*51 nominations left in Quebec equals 25. This adds 17 more female nominees to Quebec bringing the total up to 23--close to the one third national average Dion has set as a target.

    I'm not a Liberal and--from a political point of view--wish that Dion WAS facing difficulty finding enough female candidates in Quebec but that doesn't seem to be the case. He DOES seem to be having trouble finding candidates in Quebec in general, though.


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