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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Former FCM President Kovach to run for Guelph nomination

Alternate Post Title: "Dion gets lumps of coal in stocking for Christmas"

Breaking news, and it's not good news for Dion... former FCM President Gloria Kovach has announced her intention to run for the Conservative nomination in Guelph. More to follow as details become available.

Now, you may be looking at this and wondering, how on earth could this bad for Dion? Well, it puts Ms. Kovach in the spotlight once again... which means that people will be asking questions about Ms. Kovach and her past.

Her past, which includes being the former President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Which also includes the as of yet unanswered questions as to why she was removed from her post. Any ideas on that, Mr. Dion?

To the trolls, I'll answer your comments before you even make them... the FCM's press release in November exonorated Ms. Kovach... "The Board reached this decision for reasons totally unrelated to either Gloria Kovach’s conduct or performance as President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities or as Chair of its National Board of Directors. The Federation acknowledges that Gloria Kovach carried out her duties in a responsible manner consistent with her commitment to municipal government." Translation... her removal was politically influenced. The only question that remains, is interference from whom.

Here's the link to the original post on this issue, and here's one on the near riot that occured at the FCM's annual meeting in Calgary this past June over this issue.

UPDATE: WHAT THE?!?!? The FCM has pulled the appolgy it gave to Ms. Kovach from their website?!?!? Take a look at their press release section for yourself... IT'S GONE. Okay, this is NOT cool...

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