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Friday, August 17, 2007

Back from Algonquin

I'll let the photos do most of the talking...
Here's a Trudeau-esque panaramic canoe shot of me paddling my canoe... Algonquin really is a beautiful place.

The campsite.

We didn't spend as much time on the water as we'd hoped, but got a bunch of shots in while out there. My wife took this great shot of me, might use it for my new MSN/Facebook pic.

My wife took this great shot "accidentally"... it wasn't what we were going for, but it turned out really cool!

Beautiful shot of my wife out on the water in our canoe.

Another cool shot my wife took. (I'm typically critical of photos of myself, so I'm glad she got some good ones)

Some experimentation with colours, really brought out the wood... another ode to Trudeau. (he came here often, so I hear) It was a Trudeau themed week, as I was reading "Trudeau and our Times, Volume II: The Heroic Delusion"... finished the whole thing too, all 400+ pages.

As I said, Algonquin is a beautiful place. Here's the view from one of the trails off Highway 60.

Had a great week. Glad to be back though, will have some posts based on this weeks thoughts over the next little while. (nothing more today, I have a funeral to attend)

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