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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Entitlements - it's time for change

An absolutely fantastic article about Liberals and the entitlement culture, written by "Sandy" at "Crux-of-the-Matter"... "Time to change our “entitlement culture".

Well said Sandy! So many points are spot on, it's hard to pick a few favorite quotes...
"But, is that what Canadians really want? I would like to say no, but actions speak louder than words. Cynapse, at Cynics Unlimited, ran an excellent article the other day titled “The Victim-Beggar Complex.” He explains why all the usual suspects (activists and the media) cry foul everytime there is a conservative government in power. Why? Because, basically they are afraid their privileges will be taken away.

Which is why you hear conservatives being called every unpleasant name in the book: neo-con, right winger, intolerant, racist, bigot, homophobe. Think about it, what are you reading in newspapers and on the Internet? What are you hearing and seeing on television? Day after day the media is bombarding us with the rights and privileges that are being questioned or changed. As Cynapse implies, any change, or threat of change, in the status quo brings on the hysteria."

"Yet, when has a Liberal government ever done the right thing and made tough decisions that the population didn’t like? Apart from raising taxes (which the Ontario Liberals promised they wouldn’t do) I can’t think of a time in recent memory when tough decisions were made that would have affected those with the victim-beggar complex. No, they are too busy giving all the special interest groups exactly what they want, not necessarily want they need, just so they can stay in power."

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  • At Thu. Jul. 12, 01:53:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Sandy said…

    Thanks for the kind words. We are obviously on the same wave length.

  • At Thu. Jul. 12, 02:31:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    As posted on original site:

    Well, for starters, why not look back at the federal Liberal government who took all of the “tough decisions” that actually eliminated our massive deficit and created an environment in which continued massive surpluses are the norm.

    ANd they continue, despite what I consider to be quite reckless spending n the part of “Canada’s New Government” ™, much of which is “highly targeted”, designed to modify behaviour in a way which conservatives used to consider social engineering.

    Funny how ones convictions change when partisanship enters into it….

    Re, Mike Harris, from personal experience as one with a high income, tax rates came down, but a whole bevy of surtaxes pretty much wiped all of that out. It was mostly talking the talk, which if you are an outspoken conservative, is apparently all that is required. No walking the walk necessary.

    And speaking of systematically attempting to purchase all of the special interest groups one by one, it was disgusting when Liberals did it and it is NO LESS digusting now that Harper and his gang are doing it on an even grander scale.

    Is this something you are ok with so long as it is your favourite little rat pack Prime Minister doing it?

  • At Thu. Jul. 12, 05:26:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Sandy said…

    Since Anonymous left one comment from my site, I thought I would provide the link to all the comments so far, including one to refute the above.


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