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Sunday, June 17, 2007

CC's Excellent US Adventure... with pics

Yea, corny title... I'M BACK! Had a great trip in the US of A, attending a missions training conference, and took a side trip to "The District"... first time to DC!

Our missions conference took us just outside of Gettysburg, so we couldn't pass up taking a whirlwind visit... the place is HUGE, takes a full day to really do it justice. Photos of two highlights...

General Lee's Headquarters, occupied after the first day of the battle, July 1, 1863, and vacated on July 4.

The "High Water Mark"... the target of the Confederate advance on the key day of the battle, and the spot marking where their advance was halted. This one piece of ground is one of the key spots in world history... had the Union soldiers failed to hold this grove of trees, and the rest of this hilltop, our entire world would be radically different.

Then, it was off to Washington, DC... first stop, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

The Apollo 11 Command module... as viewed from the heatshield side.

Now THIS is a WMD... a Soviet long range ICBM, handed over to the US (and disarmed).

And this is one of the "original" WMDs... a Nazi V2 rocket, captured in Belgium and brought back to the US to take apart and figure out... the information from which became a critical part of the Saturn series of rockets which put the above Apollo 11 module in orbit around the moon.

Then, it was on to the political tour... this is "Christian Conservative", coming to you from Capitol Hill... don't I look thrilled? (no clue why I'm not smiling in most of my pics...)

My buddy George wasn't home, so he couldn't vouch for me at the gates, so they wouldn't let me in... had to settle for a pic outside... ran into a couple of Canuck here from Thornhill... should have reminded them to vote for Peter Kent...

They say that perspective is everything...

Now here's a pretty cool shot... who's that sitting in the car?

And while driving over to the next stop, I found proof postive that Democrats are a little slow... check the bumper sticker...

News flash... they lost over two years ago... GET OVER IT!

And what trip would be complete without a little momento?

Mmm... coffee tomorrow will be extra yummy...



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