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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No jail time for killers

Two young Toronto men (Alexander Ryazanov and Wang-Piao Dumani Ross) will not serve any jail time in the January 2006 death of taxi driver Tahir Kahn, who was killed in a crash on Mount Pleasant Avenue.

The offenders were driving their Mercedes-Benz sedans down Mount Pleasant at speeds reaching 140 km/h on the city street where the posted limit is 60 km/h. The drivers were also weaving in and out of traffic

Ryazanov collided with Khan's taxi as the cab driver was making a left turn near an intersection. The collision crushed the taxi against a pole, killing the 46-year-old immigrant from Pakistan.

Ryazanov and Ross pleaded guilty to one count each of dangerous driving in March.

The Crown was seeking a three-year prison term.
THIS is a prime example of "Judicial Activism" that I so often rail against. Who is the presiding judge in this case? How on earth did he or she get on the bench? (maybe we should do some digging on this one) These idiots killed a man by their reckless flouting of our laws... laws that exist to prevent just such an occurance. It is not a simple case of negligence... it was a series of deliberate acts that resulted in a man's death. Second degree murder at the very least... and the Crown let them get away with pleading guilty to "dangerous driving"?!?!?!?

I REALLY hope the crown appeals the sentence... even the three years the Crown was seeking is to short, in my opinion. I say lock'em up... they deserve some time behind bars.



  • At Tue. May 29, 10:31:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    First and Second degree murder must, according to the letter of the law, include some intent of harm. There was no intent on the part of either of the young men.


    First degree manslaughter, and/or reckless endangerment causing death would have been the more appropriate sentence (instead of "dangerous driving"). Manslaughter CAN lead to a prison term, and I agree with you that it should have. This "slap on the wrist" of twelve months of house arrest (plus a few other things) is not the right message to send to those who participate in street racing


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