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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Baird - "Kyoto would lead to collapse"

Thank you, our Honourable Minister, for finally telling it like it is...
Baird said Canada will not try to meet greenhouse gas targets set out in the Kyoto protocol on climate change.

He said attempting to reach such targets would be near impossible and would risk Canada falling into economic collapse.

"To achieve that kind of target through domestic reductions would require a rate of emissions decline unmatched by any modern nation in the history of the world... except those who have suffered economic collapse, such as Russia."
It may be that the Tories are laying out their electoral platform, with the vote on Bill C-288 expected to come on Monday.

For those who don't know, Bill C-288 is a Liberal private members bill that would force the government to "Keep Canada's Kyoto commitments"... perhaps they should just make the Short Title, "An Act to scuttle Canada's economy".

Here are just a few of the highlights...
Bill C-288 - An Act to ensure Canada meets its global climate change obligations under the Kyoto Protocol

5. (1) Within 60 days after this Act comes into force and not later than May 31 of every year thereafter until 2013, the Minister shall prepare a Climate Change Plan that includes

(a) a description of the measures to be taken to ensure that Canada meets its obligations under Article 3, paragraph 1, of the Kyoto Protocol, including measures respecting

(i) regulated emission limits and perform­ance standards,

(ii) market-based mechanisms such as emissions trading or offsets,

(iii) spending or fiscal measures or incentives, and

(iv) cooperative measures or agreements with provinces, territories or other governments;
There are the killer points... Section 5, subparagraph A, point ii and iv.

There's the big plan from the Liberals, the BIGGEST BEEF I have with Kyoto... the establishment of an international carbon credit trading scheme. That's Dion's big plan... take a couple BILLION of Canadians hard earned tax dollars, and send them overseas, to "meet our commitments". The Liberals still don't get it... 1) we CAN'T keep the original timelines due to their inaction, and 2) simply "buying credits" will not result in actual reductions.

Here are the two key points regarding Kyoto that everone needs to clue into...

1) I am 100% opposed to sending one red cent to any another nation over Kyoto... and every other level headed Canadian should be too. Why should we be sending BILLIONS of our hard earned dollars to another nation, instead of using those funds right here in Canada to advance technologies that will help reduce emissions?

2) In regards to GHG emission reductions, that is something I can swallow... but there is no realistic way that it can be done within the confines of the established Kyoto timelines without demolishing our economy... maybe I'm biased, but I'm opposed to throwing tens of thousands of Canadains out of work... but that's just me. Here's irony for you... I think this is one area where Buzz Hardgrove and I might actually agree.

Here's a thought for you Mr. Layton... why don't you and Buzz sit down, and figure out how you can find a workable compromise between enviromental responsiblity, and keeping Canadians working?

Wow... stop and really think about that one for a second... could Stephen Harper possibly be the man to offer a reasonable compromise between these two men and their respective positions? Could you have ever imagined that?

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  • At Fri. Feb. 09, 12:22:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Tony said…

    The liberals are using this bill as a tactic to try and force an early election, over the Kyoto accord. They know that the budget will have goodies and tax cuts that they will not be able to vote against, so this is their only chance that they realistically have in the near future. They also want an early election, as the longer Dion remains opposition leader, the more the Canadian public will see him as he really is. "All talk, but no action"

    They are desperate, as they are aware that if the Clean Air Act passes, they will not be able to use the environment issue effectively against the Conservatives in the next Federal election.

  • At Fri. Feb. 09, 08:28:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Pete said…

    I am so happy that Baird made his position very clear. I am also glad that they are not giving in to the pressure by the Liberals/NDP/Bloc. I just hope that more Canadians start tuning in and realize how Kyoto is not about the environment but about Ideology.

  • At Mon. Feb. 12, 02:48:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Shameer Ravji said…

    The upcoming vote is simply at Report Stage, if it was a confidence issue, wouldn't the government have fallen when the bill passed at 2nd reading? I think the government is just sabre rattling about an early election since the recent polls are looking good for them, pure and simple. Whether it's just a temporary bounce, that's another question.

  • At Mon. Feb. 12, 08:52:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    From what I understand, it's due to come back for a vote this week.

  • At Mon. Feb. 12, 07:18:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Shameer Ravji said…

    Yes, at Report Stage.


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