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Saturday, December 31, 2005

End of 2005

It's 11:47pm, Dec. 31, 2005, and yes, I'm at home blogging. Had invites out to New Year's stuff, but my wife and I decided to stay at home and go to bed. So, before I'm off to bed, a last blog entry for the year.

What a year... and not just on the politics scene. But in terms of politics, wow. It's the first year that I've REALLY got involved, though I've always been politically aware. From being on the edge in May, to the disappointment of Belinda's move... I was hoping the House would fall so that Bill C-38 would die on the order paper.

But in the long run, Belinda may have helped the Tory cause more than she could have ever realized. She inspired us even more to ensure the Liberals got defeated. And she caused the House to stand until November... who could have known the Liberals would implode as they have?

Belinda, we owe you our thanks!

In the meantime, here's something from Bourque... the next Liberal leader hopefuls are getting ready due to Paul's implosion. Here's his comments...
Some are elected, or were, some are not, may never be. All aspire to lead Canada's so-called natural governing entity, the Liberal Party of Canada. Indeed, Bourque has learned from a variety of sources over the past 48 hours that devisive Liberal alliances are forming throughout the country as Pretenders to the Throne await a dubious election outcome and the rapid fall of Paul Martin's stewardship of the party, should he fail to gain a majority government in this, his second and final kick at the can. To wit, the names of Bevilacqua, Cauchon, McKenna, Manley, Volpe, Brison, Dryden, even, let it be said, ex-Tory Stronach and the American-dipped Ignatieff, among other lesser mortals, all networking their contacts and cobbling standby underground leadership teams ready to activate in the coming weeks, or not, depending on how the stars align for each aspirant. All are sounding out various Liberal rainmakers, regional chieftains, leftover used-to-bes, and ambitious soon-to-bes. Many will be called, some will be chosen, others will be humoured. But the insurmountable evidence now clearly points to a devastatingly fractured Liberal Party, one held together more by a tenuous vernacular than by a robust idealism and altruism that would otherwise stimulate a lethargic political body hungering for vision and leadership.
Here's to our victory in 2006! Happy New Year and New Government!!!

(1 minute to 2006...)


  • At Sun. Jan. 01, 12:02:00 a.m. EST, Blogger 'Thought & Humor' said…

    There is a time for everything,
    a season for every activity
    under heaven. A time to be
    born and a time to die. A
    time to plant and a time to
    harvest. A time to kill and
    a time to heal. A time to
    tear down and a time to
    rebuild. A time to cry and
    a time to laugh. A time to
    grieve and a time to dance.
    A time to scatter stones
    and a time to gather stones.
    A time to embrace and a
    time to turn away. A time to
    search and a time to lose.
    A time to keep and a time to
    throw away. A time to tear
    and a time to mend. A time
    to be quiet and a time to
    speak up. A time to love
    and a time to hate. A time
    for war and a time for peace.

    May 2006 be
    your time to laugh,
    embrace & receive
    personal peace,
    Dr. Howdy


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