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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

MSM - Inventing their own stories

Did you ever watch James Bond in "Tomorrow Never Dies"? Yes indeed, the media DOES invent their own stories. The headlines today prove it.

This most recent hub-bub about Carol Jamieson (who, prior to this, was virtually unknown) and her open letter to Tory supporters everywhere is a prime example. In it, she calls for Stephen Harper to step down, saying that "he's dreaming" about moving into 24 Sussex.

This story was created, start to finish, by the Globe & Mail's Gloria Galloway; it's a self fullfilling prophecy of a Conservative Party implosion, orchastrated by someone in the media. First, four low level Tories in Quebec make a stink, and Gloria picks up on it. She adds to it some questionable material about candiates resigning in the GTA, (as for one candidate, it was 100% UNTRUE, he was still running) and makes another of story out of it.

She then uses these things as a base for another story about a "mass revolt" in the Tory party, in which she quotes an anonymous Tory "insider", who turned out to be an area organizer named Carol Jamieson. It gets some media coverage, so, for reasons known only to her, Carol decides to write a posion pen letter, and single handedly attempts to scuttle the Party by openly calling for Harper's resignation, (or execution) which then gets, of course, mass media attention.

Now, where did this all start again? Oh yea, four guys in Quebec, making their voices heard. Nothing big, I rolled my eyes, but that was it. But then Gloria, the Liberal media spokesperson, goes to a former Belinda cheerleader, Carol, to try digging for more. Makes sense... when you know someone is cranky about how things have gone, go to them for more dirt to keep the snowball building. I wonder... did she offer any resistance to her interogator? Did she even realize that she'd been duped by the enemy?

You have to remember... Carol is the one who helped to give us Belinda Stronach. Do we REALLY want her advice on the Party Leadership? That's smart thinking... last time, she not only picked a dud, but she picked the horse who decided to run the track IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. And in all that she's done, she claims it was for the good of the Party. Hummm... where did I hear that one before? Oh yea, I think Belinda said something like that at her turncoat press conference.

You know what's good for the Party? Fewer destructive people, and more people who will take what they percieve as a bad situation, and make it better. KILLING THE LEADER RIGHT BEFORE AN ELECTION IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT! If she was any kind of political organizer worth her salt, SHE'D KNOW WE'RE LIKELY GOING INTO A FALL ELECTION! Why on earth would she give the media this kind of a frenzy to feed on? She must have known there would be no chance for us to win if she pulled this stunt... so why did she do it?

It can't be for the good of the Party... because she's just taken us four steps back. The Liberals are starting their chant... "Four more years!" Thanks a lot Carol.

UPDATE: A really good post on this is at Stephen Taylor's website.


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