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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gasoline and Rumors of Gasoline

Excuse me while I wipe the egg off my face. Funny how rumours start. I heard that gas was up to $2.25 in Cambridge from a co-worker, who was on the phone with a friend in Cambridge. I figured she (this friend) had seen the signs herself. But alas, having been to Cambridge and back tonight, I have seen no postings for gas over $2.00. Nor have I even seen any over $1.10... yet.

But, to pre-empt the Oil execs from gouging me... I went and spent their upcoming annual profits that they expected to collect from me. That's right... I ensured that their profits by-passed their pockets, and I redirected them to the pockets of a small local business man. Yes execs, you heard me right. Your efforts to grow your bottom line have finally pushed me to the brink... I went out and bought a bike.

A nice bike. One that will get me from my work to downtown to the store to home. One that will let me leave my car in the driveway four or more days a week. One that will stretch a tank of gas to two or three weeks.

Hey, who said a Tory can't be eco-friendly? I certainly am, I just know Kyoto is bad for Canada. But I'm still planning on, and always have been doing, my part to save the planet. But Kyoto is just an all around bad deal for Canada, and if you support it, then you really have no idea about what you're talking about. Any agreement that exempts high polluting countries because they aren't "First World Nations" (read China and India) is a world plan for wealth re-distribution, NOT a plan to save the environment.

Excuse me, I have to save the world by biking to my place of capitalistic employment now...


  • At Tue Sep 27, 02:56:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Steven Harper said that there is no price fixing with the gas prices.

    Why can't people see that it doesn't matter anymore who you vote for. To get elected you need the support from the devil. Take you pick, the oil companies or pharmaceuticals ECT. Without their support you will never get elected.

    I've been involved with a co op of farmers, that decided years ago that its stupid to allow 90 percent of everything you grow go to waste, left in the field to rot, because they are not perfect, and besides we are going bankrupt. I know lets make ethanol, and get conversion kits from brazil (100 percent ethanol) and set up a gas station. We will pay for it out of our own pocket. We even had a plan to generate electricity with the waste, we could not get the permits, and were told that if we pursue this further, we could find our self in jail, it's easy to find child porn you know.

    The liberals and the conservitives are the same, all you are doing, is replacing one form of coruption for another.

    The only sane thing to do, is not to support either.

    Yours truly,



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