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Sunday, February 05, 2012

PCPO Convention 2012 - Executive Picks

UPDATE: Thanks to the kind soul who sent me the "official" nomination list for the correct spelling of everyone's names!

Looking for candidate names and voting recommendations for the 2012 PCPO Convention in Niagara Falls? Look no further, I got ya covered right here!

It's been a while since I spent any time blogging, and this week I was semi-publicly reprimanded by a prominent Canadian for taking a hiatus. (you know who you are, Sir... thanks for the kick in the pants!) So I thought with the Bi-Annual PCPO Convention coming up next weekend in Niagara Falls, maybe it was time to put fingers to keyboard. (as opposed to pen to paper... this is the 21st Century after all!)

I've been spending some time thinking about who to support and why, so I decided to check online for more info about some of the candidates. So I punched in some search terms into good old Google, "pcpo 2012 executive". Makes sense, right? Well low and behold, the second hit offered up by Google was... none other than my own blog. Which, in my case, wasn't too helpful, because I only have info posted on the PCPO President's race! (in which, for the record, I'm proudly supporting my friend Richard Ciano... because it's TIME TO WIN)

So, since I seem to be a prominent place for people looking for info on the candidates, I thought I'd avail myself of the opportunity to pass on some recommendations... ;-)

Richard Ciano
Kevin Gaudet
John Snobelen

There's no surprise here... it's TIME TO WIN. The only way that's going to be possible is if Richard Ciano is at the helm. I've known Richard for a number of years, and he's one of the best organizers in the business. He's was a real help to me personally as I sought to run my first municipal campaign back in 2010, and has what it take to lead us to victory in the next election. Plus as a former VP of the CPC's National Council, he has the experience we need to put together a winning team... something that's been sorely lacking at HQ for a number of years now.

1st Vice President
Pam Hundal
Fitz Matheson

My pick here is pretty easy. One candidate is backing Richard Ciano, the other is backing another candidate. As such, I'm throwing my full weight behind Pam Hundal, go check out her website at

2nd Vice President
Allan Boynton
Hartley Lefton
Mark Straub

Another easy pick... because Allan Boynton is a great friend of mine! He's an amazing organizer, a real go-getter, and will be a perfect addition to our Executive PCPO! His Facebook page is here.

3rd Vice President (Policy)
Ian Bourke
Mike Chopowick

Ian Bourke is another friend, and great guy. He was involved in policy back in the Mike Harris era, which is a BIG PLUS in my books. His info can be looked up at

4th Vice President (ACCLAIMED)
Robert Elliot - I orginally met and supported Robert four years ago in London. Congrats Robert! Keep up the good work!

5th Vice President (ACCLAIMED)
Charmaine Clayton

6th Vice President (ACCLAIMED)
Dan White

7th Vice President (ACCLAIMED)
Ken Audziss

8th Vice President (ACCLAIMED)
Gaggan Gill

9th Vice President (ACCLAIMED)
Megan Boyle

Zorah Churchin
Robert Col

Don't know either of these guys, nor who they're supporting for President, which is an important aspect for my vote. Please pass on any info you have on them.

Christopher Deans
Silvia Gualtieri

Again, no info on either candidate. Stay tuned.

Central East RVP
Heather Kenny
Keith Strachan

Central West RVP
Andrew Johnson
Eugene Pasternak

I know both of these guys, so this one was a tough one for me. But due to several issues that have arisen in my area over the last year, I've decided to throw my weight behind Eugene Pasternak. He's a final year financial student at Waterloo, and has the youthful enthusiasm we need on the next Executive. You can join his Facebook page here.

East RVP
Chris Crawford
Larry Malloy

This one is a no-brainer for me... CHRIS! CHRIS!! CHRIS!!! Chris has been a friend for many years, I got to know him from his time at UofG. If I had to describe him, there's one phrase that quickly comes to mind... HE ROCKS!!! He's an amazing organizer, and he's THE BEST Canvassing Coordinator I've ever seen in action. He's all go-go-go, and no stopping until the job's done. Plus he's experienced, as this is actually a RE-ELECT campaign, as he's served as East RVP for the last two years. He's been a hard worker up on Parliament Hill for years, and he's a total blast just to be around. I am PROUD to call him my friend. This kid's going places! Check him out at

Jag Badwal
Gurdev Gill
Eric Wen

North RVP
Tannis Drysdale
Mitch Ouimette

South Central RVP
Les Kobli
Myles Wilson

North PCOF
Bob Bateman
Fred Slade

GTA East RVP - Steven Cooke
South West RVP - John Nater
Toronto RVP - Justin Van Dette
Central East PCOF - Doug Earle
Central West PCOF - Gary Clement
East PCOF - George Hood
GTA East PCOF - Andrew Wallace
GTA West PCOF - Harjit Jaswal
South Central PCOF - Lawrence Scott
South West PCOF - Gary Filan
Treasurer PCOF - Rocco Rossi

All the info above is subject to updating, so please, send your updates my way. And remember to check the page out over the next few days as I post the updates! I'm also looking for advice on who to endorse for Treasurer, Secretary, Central East RVP, East RVP, GTA West RVP, North RVP, South Central RVP, and North PCOF. If you're affiliated with any of these campaigns, get in touch with me via the comments or by e-mail, at cc(at@)christianconservative(dot.)ca.

And just for fun, I threw together a handy "ABC Guide to Voting" the other day... was thinking of throwing it onto a t-shirt and wearing it to the Convention... LOL...

May the best man, or woman, win!

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