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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Criminal defended by Liberals gets 8 years in prison

How SWEET this headline is... "Schreiber gets 8 years for tax evasion". That's right boys and girls... looks like the Liberals went to bat for yet another convicted criminal.

Here's a really interesting quote from the article... "It was notable that the accused sought refuge in red herrings and was consistently silent on the really decisive questions," Judge Rudolph Weigell of the Augsberg state court said in handing down the sentence.

Hummm, you don't say... "red herrings" and "consistently silent on the really decisive questions". Looks like the German courts didn't find him credible either. So one has to wonder, why did the Liberals take his word at face value? Yep, he played them LIKE A FIDDLE.

It's really nice to see the Liberals get what they deserve on this one, after they went to the wall to defend him, advocating the Government halt his extradition to face justice in Germany.

While Conservatives seek to "Stand up for Canadians", it turns out that the Liberals have once again made the decision to stand up for a CRIMINAL.

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