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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Carol "Trojan Tory" Jamieson

Harper won 85% support at the leadership convention. Which means 15% didn't support him. Which means that there is a fringe within this 15% who care nothing for the Party, and are willing to scuttle our chances for their own selfish ambitions. Which explains blowhards like Carol Jamieson. Carol, were you there at the Convention in Montreal? 85%, remember? WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US? Why are you deliberatly attempting to hurt our chances? Every time you open your mouth, you give the Liberals a boost in the polls. Funny, you seem to accuse Harper of the same thing...

I hear Belinda is looking for an organizer. Carol, please feel free to jump ship anytime... I hear that Canada Steamship Lines has a really great gravy train...

You know what? Just to tick her off, I'm going to show my support for Harper and renew my membership for another 2 years.

Then, Angus Reid releases this poll. Read the comment after the question CAREFULLY...

If federal elections were held today, for which of the following political parties would you be most likely to vote for?
(Leaners included)

LEANERS INCLUDED? I'd like to see a more accurate question, which allows people to indicate they are split/undecided!

But, of course, the MSM will take both these stories and predict doom and gloom for the Conservatives.

UPDATE - Touque tip for the "Trojan Tory" nick goes to Stephen Taylor


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