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Monday, January 18, 2010

Democrats forced to pay for "supporters" to attend events

Desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose... Democrats get BUSTED on this one. Their campaign is going so badly that they've resorting to PAYING union members $50 each to show up at rallies, posing as Martha Coakley "supporters".

Check the video for yourself... here's the rough transcript:

Coakley "supporter" 1:"They [the union] MADE us come down here."
Brown supporter 1: "Are you serious?"
Coakley "supporter" 1:"Yup."
Brown supporter 1: "Why don't you take of that shirt and come over here."
Brown supporter 2: "Yea, if they want their fifty bucks they have to do what they're told."
Coakley "supporter" 1 & 2: [nodding head] "EXACTLY"
Brown supporter 1: "You're getting PAID to be here?"
Brown supporter 2: "Of course he is."
Brown supporter 1: "Are you serious?"
Coakley "supporter" 2: [nods head, holds finger to lips] "SHHHHHH"
Brown supporter 3: "How corrupt is this..."
Coakley "supporter" 2: "I can [undetermined] for Brown."
Brown supporter 2: "You're voting for Brown?!?"
Coakley "supporter" 2:"Yea. [high five] Don't tell anyone."
Brown supporter 2: "I won't tell anybody."

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