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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Liberals were warned, and now get burned

What's this? Garth Turner being a royal pain, again? Garth TurnCOAT has quit the Liberal Party of Canada.

I guess they didn't clue in when most of us were GLEEFUL when he joined up with them.

Okay, now for my "offical" reaction...

BWAAAA HAA HAA HAA!!! [gasp for breath] HAA HAA HAA HAA, BWAAAAA HA HA HA!!! [wipe tears from eyes, attempt to regain composure... FAIL] HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA, HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Okay... I think I'm done... but this smile is gonna be pretty hard to wipe of my face today...

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