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Thursday, October 08, 2009


With the most recent EKOS numbers having been released by the CBC this morning (hardly a bastion of Tory support), one thing should be kept in mind... IFFY IS NOW POLLING BELOW DION's 2008 NUMBERS.

That's right folks... Ignatieff is polling BELOW the numbers that Dion ended up with in the 2008 election... the election that Liberals consider to be their worst result EVER.

I guess the question isn't "How low can he go?" anymore... it's "How long can he hang on?"

And just in case and Liberals don't fully understand the ramifications of what's going on here... we just pulled ahead of you (or at least tied with the MOE) in QUEBEC, 22.2% vs. 21.0%.

What's really fun though is reading ITQ's take on the situation. She's a funny gal you know.

My prediction? If there are gonna be floor crossers jumping ship, it's gonna be soon.

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