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Friday, September 11, 2009

Iggy CONFIRMS Harper's accusation of needing support from "socialists and separatists" to govern

While the media may currently be reporting "Ignatieff rules out coalition with NDP, Bloc", Iggy's statement today in fact confirms Mr. Harper's initial accusation, it doesn't do anything to refute them!

Let's go over his statements, shall we?

CTV: "He says the party will seek support and consensus of "partners" but will not sign a formal coalition deal. He said he does not believe Canadians are in favour of a coalition government."

CBC: "[Ignatieff] could make Parliament work without such a deal. "I am favourable to compromise. I am favourable to reaching out. I am favourable to consultation."

Catch that? While he "says" he won't sign any such deal to form a "coalition", he still fully intends to govern by buying their support! Allow me to translate for you... "I'm favorable to modifying my agenda such that it's palatable to both the separatists and socialists, so that they will support my Government."


Therefore, Canadians are left with a clear choice, just like Mr. Harper said they were... if they DON'T want the NDP or the Bloc having a major say on the direction of this nation, there's only one option... a Conservative Majority.

I just can't believe that the Liberals are going out of their way to make our case for us...

UPDATE: Watch the video for yourself at CTV, at the 2:10 mark... Iggy sidestepped the question AGAIN. When asked, point blank, why we should believe him when Dion made and broke the very same promise, he gave some rambling answer along the lines of "I'm more credible".

UPDATE II: Looks like Iggy's STILL ducking the tough questions on this one...
When asked by reporters, Ignatieff wouldn't comment on whether the Liberals would reconsider a coalition if Harper ends up the prime minister again after the election.

"I don't like this hypothesis at all," he said in French. "If there is an election, I will seek support of Canadians to form a good Liberal government."

UPDATE III: O-U-C-H... December 10th, 2008...

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