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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

NDP/Liberal deal breathes new life into the Bloc

A job well done by the two supposedly "Federalist" Opposition parties...
"Already Monday, PQ leader Pauline Marois was raising the possibility the Bloc could use its new leverage to promote her goal of assuming full control over culture and communications.

"If in the present case it is a coalition government that allows us to obtain things, it will be because a sovereigntist party in Ottawa has stood up to defend our interests," she said.

Denis Monière, a professor of political science at Université de Montréal who supports the sovereigntist cause, said an enhanced role in Ottawa for the Bloc would help it greatly in the next federal election.

"It will be the Bloc that controls the Canadian government without the bother of governing. It's pretty much the ideal situation," he said. "This shows that being in opposition can also allow you to play an important role in exercising power. I think the Bloc will gain a lot of credibility with this."
Any thoughts on the consequences of your actions, young Mr. Trudeau?

I Prime Minister Trudeau would have been the first out of the gate to denouce this deal as bad for Canada. I find it shocking that the supposed "fathers" of the Clarity Act, Dion and Chretien, would be so willing to sell their souls to regain power.

The Bloc was on it's way out, with Duceppe's retirement likely taking place before the next election. Now, it looks like they'll have some bragging to do during the next election... and with that, will likely hang on to more seats than they would have lost otherwise.

The Liberal Party of Canada can no longer to be trusted to act in the interests of "Federalism" in Quebec. How can they, when they've now TWICE given life to the Bloc? (first "AdScam", now, what do we call it, "VoteScam"?)

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