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Thursday, September 18, 2008

More evidence of a CPAC "set up" by Guelph Liberals

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This just keeps getting better... as the evidence mounts, Guelph Liberals (though none "officialy" from the campaign, mind you) keep on trying to deny that they staged the canvass for the cameras at CPAC. I even had a commenter the other day dare me to go with CPAC with what I have.

Well, after this little tidbit, they may want to think again about that... thanks to the publicly available poll results from the 2006 Election via Elections Canada, I did some analysis of the street I've been able to identify from the CPAC footage. And do you know what I found? I discovered that the poll they selected to canvass with CPAC was amongst the TOP 5 polls for the Liberal Party in the 2006 election... which polled a full 10% higher for their party than the rest of the riding combined.

That's right... they deliberately choose a poll where they KNEW they had a whopping 48.4% support in this poll the last election. What does that tell me? It says only one thing... IT WAS A SET-UP FOR THE CAMERAS. And that's the EXACT same thing that Garth Turner got nailed for last week.

Take all of these facts and put them together... Frank knows the residents by name. Two have been identified as a known Liberal supporters. And a third clearly identifies herself as a former Ignatieff supporter. Add to that the polling data from the previous election, and what do you get? A clear indication that the Guelph Liberals tried to stage a "friendly" canvass for the camera crew at CPAC... just like Garth Turner did.

But the best part? It still makes me smile to watch how it blew up in their faces at that one lady's door. Make you wonder how shaky the Liberal support really is in Guelph.

Still no official response from Guelph's Liberal campaign... and I'm preparing my letter for the folks at CPAC.

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