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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Federal Liberals: "Over the Hill"?

Craig Offman has some well articulated thoughts in today's National Post on the current state of the Federal Liberals... and says they need a complete overhaul and rebirth, much like the transition that's been going on in the provinces for the last few years.

Funny, I could have sworn one of the old guard Liberals saying the same thing way back in January of 2006, that it was time for the Liberals to take a timeout behind the woodshed, and seek honest and genuine renewal... advice that was largely ignored. Now who was that again?

Offman makes some pretty accurate observations here...
"The political events over the past two weeks offer a cautionary tale about career politicians stuck in a time warp. While a generational change is underway in several provinces, producing premiers in their thirties and early forties, Ottawa continues to pursue old arguments reaching back through several governments. Liberal benches in particular are littered with veteran soldiers intent on fighting the last war, complete with RCMP investigators, ethics committees and allusions to cover-ups and Watergate.

Political scientists -- and even some insiders -- suggest the Liberals are at the same crossroads the Progressive Conservatives arrived at almost 15 years ago when prime minister Brian Mulroney left office: They need a major overhaul, and it may take years to do it."

Another article in the Post also speaks volumes of the struggles still going on within the Party, also in regards to the Schriber affair... "Liberals divided on Mulroney inquiry: Chretien, Dion, Rae all have different opinions".

Of course, I'm not eager for them to begin this renewal process... the longer they wait, the more time we have to correct the problems they left languishing for over a decade. We've made lots of progress, and Canadians are starting to see that clearly, now that the lies of the Liberals are losing their resonance.



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