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Thursday, November 22, 2007

"And now it's time for... The Front Page"

I got an e-mail today advising me to take a look at the Guelph Mercury... and low and behold, the Dion-Kovach FCM scandal is on the front page. Don't let the headline mislead you... it says "Conference costly for city", but 2/3 of the text and the by-line say so much more... "The city spent $19,000 to send seven city councillors and four staff members to a municipal conference earlier this year, in part as a search for answers to why Councillor Gloria Kovach had been deposed"

(NOTE: If someone is able to get a screen cap of the print version, I'd be greatful)

This story is not going away... if anything, it's just gaining steam. According to my sources (which aren't nearly as extensive as I'd like them to be), the Guelph Mercury still has not received any reply from Mr. Dion's office... either that, or they're not telling.

If anyone is able to dig anything more on this, have at it... this needs to be further investigated. The Liberal Party of Canada cannot be allowed to exert such undue influence over non-partisan organization, and cannot be allowed to have a defacto veto power over the appointments of Conservative leaning individuals.

The all pervailing power of the Liberal Party of Canada must be broken... and this is the issue over which we can establish a beachhead.

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